The custom of Royal Ploughing Ceremony is famous and practiced as historical traditions in Cambodia and Thailand. It was also identified as an aspect of Burma’s rituals when it was still in its pre-colonial area until 1885. This conventional ceremony is a habit that indicates the begin of the rice growing season.

This event also called Kan Phuetchamongkhon in Thailand and Preah Reach Pithi Chrot Preah Neangkol in Cambodia. This historic ceremony represents the start of the rice – planting period in both nations. In 2013, this event will drop on 11 May.

Royal Ploughing Ceremony in Thailand started thousands of years now to date. In 1960, it was then enhanced by their King that time and assured the honor for the coming season’s plentiful rice growing period.

Not just a common spiritual event or honor, this event is very much provided and reinforced by the govt. It includes contributions of the popular and essential civil authorities in Thailand. They have these roles wherein the govt authorities are hired to. The king of the Harvest is being taken into place by the Cooperatives permanent secretary and the Ministry of Agriculture while the Heavenly Maidens help the Master of the Harvest are hired to four of the single women authorities in the ministry.

In Cambodia and Thailand, This day is a public vacation, so most learners and workers are provided a day off. Some conventional ploughing traditions are conducted during this day in Thailand and Cambodia. These traditions are usually supervised or taken part of the royal category of the nation. One well-known rite on the event is the plowing of a furrow in a ceremonial floor by two holy oxen.

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