Russia is a beautiful country with many beautiful and popular places in it. It’s located in the northern Eurasia. As you all know the year 2012 is already more than half passed. All are looking forward for the year 2013. You may also be one of those people. Talking about the holidays in Russia.

9 kinds of official public holidays are announced from the government of Russia. People of Russia enjoy the holidays with full enthusiasm. The longest celebration is taken on the starting of New Year. It’s celebrated for 6 consecutive days which start from the last day of December and ends till the beginning week of January.

All the countries celebrate Christmas on 25 December, but Russia is somewhat different. Christmas here is celebrated on the day after 2 weeks of December date. It’s called as Orthodox Christmas and is celebrated on 7 January every year. If any holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, then Monday is announced as holiday.

Here in this post, I have made the list of public holidays that will be there in the upcoming year 2013 in Russia. This post will give you view of dates on which holidays are to be announced in 2013. The list is built after gathering the data from many sources. We have double checked the sources and all data is correct, still there may be sudden change in the holidays schedule. Therefore we can’t guarantee of this list to be 100 percent accurate.

List of Russia Public Holidays 2013

Russians will enjoy by gathering for late meals, with fireworks at night time on the Eve, just as many nations around the world. The late food will most likely consist of sardines and a sparkling wine. There are fireworks on this Day also and trips from the Santa Claus in Russia, whom they contact Grandfather Frost. Before 1700, the New Year was recognized on Sept 1 in this country. On the other hand, that year Czar Peter I modified it to match to the Julian schedule, and it was done that way until 1918 when the Russian government started using the Gregorian schedule. It’s announced to celebrate the first day of new year. Tuesday. 1 January 2013.

2 TO 4 January 2013.

  • Orthodox Christmas Day :  Monday, 7 January 2013

Russians enjoy the starting of God Jesus on this vacation, which matches to the Julian calendar’s Dec 25. After participating chapel services, family families will get together for a check out for friends, household and associates and have a household evening meal. The night before being the start of a vacation the Slavs call Svyatki, which is when young single females would use a reflection and candlestick to make an effort to see their upcoming spouse’s picture. Also, lots of money informing is becoming well-known.

To celebrate the start of new year. It’s announced for there consecutive days and starts from 8 January and ends on 10 January 2013.

  • Defender of the Fatherland Day : Feb 23, 2013

This day is one of the loyal Russian vacations when people will respect military experts and forces. Even who did not get into the military forces will be recommended and given presents on this vacation. This vacation does not have any military importance but some Russian record guides declare an important military success in Feb 23 over the Germans people when they penetrated Italy in 1918. However this has never been confirmed and it was taken out of the record in 2006. There will be community parades and ladies will give bank cards and presents to their men family members. The date for this holiday is 23 February 2013 and day is Saturday.

  • International Women Day : 8 March 2013

Women’s part in the community of Russia is noticed on this holiday. The family will have dinner and drink together. Females will obtain presents of flowers and cards and the TV reveals will respect the Russian women whose success has made them popular in history.

  • Spring and Labour Day / May Day :  1 May 2013

Women’s part in the community of Russia is noticed on this holiday. The family will have dinner and drink together. Females will obtain presents of flowers and cards and the TV reveals will respect the Russian women whose success has made them popular in history.

These days the two hundred fifty thousand Conventional Christians will enjoy the resurrection of God Jesus after his crucifixion. After participating unique chapel services, family members will have a unique food, after having fasted for the 40 days of Lent. They will set out animal meat, Kulich, cheese, the regular Russian Easter bread which is protected with frosting and multi-colored sprinkles.The date for this holiday is 5 May 2013 and day is Sunday.

  • Russia Victory Day :  Thursday, 9 May 2013

This is one of the Russian vacations which are most essential. It is noticed the give up of Germany to the Soviets after the World War II. Individuals existing experts with red blossoms, such as wreaths, carnations and are set at the war memorials.

  • Russia Day / National Day : Wednesday, 12 June 2013

This is a Russian Federation’s latest vacation and honors many of its democratic changes. Many places will keep special live shows and fireworks shows, along with introducing a nationwide prize to popular Soviets.

  • National Unity Day : 4, 2013

This is another of the latest Russian vacation. It was announced to notice patience among the various cultural categories that create up the Federation. Moscow was free of the profession by Lithuania in 1612 by two Soviets, Pozharsky and Minin remembering them in 1649. Later it was changed with a commemoration of the 1917 Trend until 2005 when Unity Day was recognized.

So it was the list of holidays in 2013 in Russia. I hope now you are familiar with it and will schedule your works according to it. If you are outside of Russia, then you must visit it as you will be pleasured to see the enthusiasm of people of Russia.

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