The Public Holidays in Singapore are depending on the official holiday calendar from Ministry of Manpower (MoM). The Singapore Public Vacations 2012 Calendar details all those days of festivals, celebrations and national holidays when the educational institutions and public industry offices will stay closed. Singapore public holidays calendar 2012 are based on lunar lunar calendar. With  different religion’s of people like, Christian, Buddhist, Muslims, and Hindu citizens Singapore celebrate various religious holiday of several faiths.

They celebrate several national vacations which are associated with the nation. All of the spiritual vacations are not an official holiday in Singapore. Only ten days are the most essential spiritual and national public holiday in Singapore.

Some vacations are known as as weekends, happen when the public holiday falls on a Sunday, Monday or Friday. Moreover, if the public holiday is on a Weekend then the day after that is announced public holiday. These weekends are well-known travel times among Singaporeans as well as visitors working in Singapore as it means they can take less time of their yearly vacation.

Public holidays in Singapore

New Years Day: 1st January 2012

In most countries across the world the 1st day of the new Gregorian season is a public holiday, the past evening, the Thirty first of Dec is usually a famous event and public celebrations in locations like Clark Quay Riverside, Marina Bay and the following day is usually invested resting.

Chinese New Year: 23-24 January 2012

Chinese New Year, or the Spring festival is the most important of the conventional China vacations. It is based on the lunar Chinese calendar. The festival typically starts on the first day of the first month according to the Chinese calendar. Chinatown and other primary roads in the town are designed with Chinese lanterns and banners for this festival throughout Jan and Feb. The party usually takes about 2 weeks from the first day of the new year. Traditional songs and dances of Chinese people can be seen on the roads.

Good Friday: 6 April 2012

Good Friday, also called Holy Friday. It is a spiritual holiday celebrated mainly by Christians. Throughout the nation in Christian churches special solutions are organized for example you can attend solutions in St. Joseph’s Catholic Chapel on Victoria Road. Worshipers make a procession positioning white candles along with associated with a figure of Christ.

Labor Day: 1 May 2012

Labor Day is a public holiday to enjoy the financial and social success of workers. This day celebrates  for worker’s social accomplishment. Workers enjoy the day off work and calming with their family.

Vesak Day: 5 May 2012

Basically this day is the birthday of Buddha, People are celebrating this day for his wisdom and his access into Nirvana. On this day worshipers visit the temples, monks chant sutra’s, and create promotions, contributions are given to the inadequate, wildlife is free from cages and there is a candle lit procession through the roads.

National Day: 9 August 2012

Singapore obtained freedom from Malaysia in 1965 and this is celebrated  happily in the capital. There are flags on the roads, firework shows, the Kallang oar famous at the ground and a yearly National Day Celebration.

Hari Raya Puasa: 19 August 2012

At the end of Ramadan Muslims enjoy the big festival, people starts their thoughts and hearts and often Muslims in Singapore do this by alluring non-Muslims to the festival.

Hari Raya Haji: 26 August 2012

It is the Festival of Sacrifice remembers Abraham’s trust in God when asked to sacrifice his son. The day also represents pilgrims come back from Mecca. Worshipers gather in mosques and pay attention to the scripture readings. Typically a cow or other animal is slaughtered and prepared then allocated to the associates of the community.

Deepavali: 13 November 2012

It is an Event of Lighting honors the triumph of good over wicked particularly Lord Krishna’s success over King Narakasura. People eat sweets, wear new clothes, arms are colored with henna in wonderful styles and in Little Indian in Singapore the roads are really brightly designed.

Christmas Day: 25 December 2012

This festival is celebrated all over the world and over in Singapore. Christmas trees are designed and gifts are interchanged. In chapels there are enjoyable celebrations and spiritual services. Christians are celebrated the day for the honors of Jesus, he was born on this day.

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