Similar preparations are expected for the Songkran 2013 festival. The event will start on the Saturday 13th of April 2013 and will end on Monday 15th April 2013. The tourists will get a chance to see some of the most enjoyable Thai events on the planet for 3 days. It would be the best time to visit Thailand, as the event represents the true character and hospitality of the country. Many tourists plan their schedules in such a way that they could easily visit Thailand and witness the festival. So if you are planning for the visit to Thailand any time soon, book your flights for the coming April.

Songkran (Thailand New Year): The Water Festival

Songkran 2013 / Thai New Year 2013

Songkran Festival is celebrated as the traditional Thai New Year, but worldwide it is more commonly known as Thailand Water Festival.

Originally the festival was intended for Thai people to sprinkle water on elders and family members for good fortune and pay respect to  images of Buddha.



13 April 2013


14 April 2013


15 April 2013

The Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13 to 15 April. Families and friends gather to celebrate by visiting temples, sprinkling water on Buddha images in reverence, and sprinkling water on each other’s hands as an act of wishing good luck. The word Songkran is from the Sanskrit meaning the beginning of a new Solar Year, but nowadays Thailand celebrates the New Year on 31 December.


Songkran / Thai New Year celebrated in Thailand


13 April 2012


14 April 2012


15 April 2012

Songkran 2011

Songkran / Thai New Year celebrated in Thailand


13 April   2011


14 April 2011


15 April 2011


Songkran / Thai New Year celebrated in Thailand


13 April 2010


14 April 2010


15 April 2010

Songkran Celebrations

Thai National Holiday

The Songkran festival is celebrated in Thailand as the traditional New Year’s Day from 13 to 15 April. The holidays are just three days, but the seven-day holiday for workers. The abundance of the seven days of the year.

Songkran Water Fights

Songkran Festival, the water madness is evident everywhere, but is particularly intense around the moat. The city authorities make a brave attempt to clean up the moat at this time. It is drained, cleared of obstacles and then refilled and aerated, in the expectation that many young tourists and locals will be swimming in the moat, having dived in, or fallen, or been pushed. Even so, those joining them are advised not to ingest any of the water. Young people will drive around in tuk-tuks with the hoods down, equipped with water guns and buckets of icy water. Fire will be exchanged with pedestrians, motorcyclists, other young people riding shotgun in the back of pick up trucks, and just about anyone else who gets in the way. Those wishing to take part will find plenty of vendors willing to supply them with guns, water, ice and cans of beer. Those people riding motorcycles will need to take special care. In recent times the actual beginning and ending of the water splashing period has become more elastic, so expect to be suddenly soaked in icy water in the days just before and just after the official Songkran festival period.

Respect to Buddha

Cleaning the Buddha is also an important tradition during New Year. The Thais wash the idol of the Buddha with water and fragrance. This practice is considered to be auspicious. This brings good luck and prosperity in the household. From this tradition the water game has been introduced in the Thai culture.The main activities of the Buddha show honors.


Thailand is a beautiful exotic country in Asia. It boasts with some of the best natural sceneries, coupled with warm hospitality and exciting festivals. The “Songkran” is a special festival that marks the start of a new year in Thailand, and is celebrated with great happiness and anticipation. It is the best time to visit Thailand and enjoy the festival, as already thousands of people do so.

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