The Thai New Year, also known as Songkran, is just around the corner and preparations are well under way.

Songkran is celebrated throughout Thailand between the 13th and 15th of April, but in Pattaya celebrations continue for even more days! The celebrations are extended until the 19th of April and this extension is traditionally called “Wan Lai” festival which literally means “the day that flows”.

What is Songkran in Pattaya about?

Pattaya during the week of Songkran goes mental! Nothing comes close to this spectacular week, and for this reason more than half a million people from all over Thailand and abroad flood into Pattaya.

Songkran usually starts as early as the 11th of April and peaks on the 19th of April with many people booking their holidays exactly for the purpose of joining the water combat zone and having an experience of a lifetime.

What to do?

11th of April:

There are several hot-spots during the first week in order for people to enjoy Songkran such as:
-Soi 6
-Soi 7
-Soi 8
-Soi Buakhao

18th of April:

The Naklua area of Pattaya and especially the old Naklua Fresh Market.

19th of April:

The big party! The beach road and all adjacent roads are closed to traffic, creating a 3 mile long water fun road with thousands of people attending, all soaking each other and taking part in the fun.