South Korea made famous by Psy – the hero of Gangnam Style, sometimes gets left off of the travel list for those going around Asia. However, for those who do decide to make the trip up to Korea, disappointment will not be one of the many emotions felt upon arrival. Instead, a sense of excitement and culture will be felt by those who visit this impressive country. The home of many high tech products and companies, South Korea offers an exciting high lifestyle for those who seek it. While most travelers know Korea from its capital city, Seoul, there are countless spots in the countryside which deserve a visit. In addition, because of the cheap flights to Japan from Korea, this is a great jumping off point for those exploring the entire East Asian region.


The history of Seoul is very diverse and old. For those looking for a cheap tour Asia is a great place to go exploring, and Korea is no exception. If a traveler is looking for cheap tourist packages Asia is an exciting place. Many travelers look into the history of Seoul to find that it is over 2000 years old. Settlement began in the year 17 BC. After this, the city gradually grew into the huge center it is today, but not before encountering some difficulty. For those interested in cheap packages Asia has many of them, and Korea has experienced an increase in travel recently, so there are many deals to be had. During the Japanese occupation, Seoul’s name was changed. During the Korean War, the city was almost completely destroyed by the North Koreans who were fighting a war there. In 1951 after the United Nations took over, the city was given its current name of Seoul. Since then, like many cities in Japan, there has been a quick increase in the technology and financial services of the city.

Current Seoul

Seoul has become the leader in many areas in all of Asia. Cheap flights to Thailand have caused Seoul to have a great influence on media there, and it is easy to watch a Korean drama program or hear a Korean pop band in Thailand. With cheap flights to Asia as well, Korea is poised to become a real hub of travel for those in the Western world and in Asian countries. For those looking for cheap hotels Asia usually has an oversupply. However, with the rising prices in Korea, these may be harder to find now than in the past. However, with the increase in interest in all things Korean, there has been an influx in tourists from other Asian countries. Thus, with cheap flights to and from Seoul, this booming city is seeing a large increase in tourist traffic. This will bring in large amounts of money which can be used to build new projects in the city and in the surrounding suburban areas. South Korea has been increasing its services for handling the loads of new tourists which will arrive this year, so a trip to this interesting country will be something to remember.

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