Sri Lanka’s dedicated mountain, a conical Adam’s Peak (or Sri Pada as it’s famous locally known), which has been worshiped given antiquity for a footprint-shaped indentation, that Buddhists trust was left by Buddha and Muslims claim its Adam’s, Hindus to Shiva, and some Christians to St Thomas.

According to Sinhala tradition, Buddha left his symbol on Sri Pada (“sacred footprint”) on his third and final revisit to Sri Lanka. Some contend it is indeed tender on a turquoise underneath a rock. A church has been built to residence a imprint, to that Sri Lankan devotees aspire to make a event during slightest once in their life.

But it wasn’t usually pilgrims we were expected to encounter. The towering is home to all sorts of wildlife such as a slim loris and a purple-faced langur. Each year, scores of butterflies group there to die in a puzzling emigration settlement that has given a towering a nickname Samanalakande, “butterfly mountain”. Leopards, furious boar and pythons but sightings are rare.


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