Tamil Nadu festival probably the most of the optimum number of festivals each season. Temple celebrations are organized in Sept-Oct and in the post-harvest month of Mar-Jun which last for 3 days. These celebrations are not only spiritual events but social attractions as well.

They have become an aspect of the lifestyle of the individuals with family members, visitors getting together on such events. The deities on every temple event are designed with shiny outfits and unusual and useful jewelry. Some of the significant celebrations are Pongal, an event of Thanks providing to the Sun, the World and the cow, Natyanjali Dance Festival, Kavadi Festival, Deepavali and Karthigai Deepam.

Now, I am giving some information about Tamil Nadu Festivals 2013-


Pongal is a festival of the harvest, that is noticed for three days in Jan. Surya Pongal, Bhogi Pongal and Mattu Pongal are the three days of Pongal celebrations at consecutive times. Pongal is a conventional event with many a ceremony dedicated to various deities. Pongal is also an essential event in India, and we hope to the Sun God on this event. In Northern India, it is called Sankaranthi. The sun is very highly effective and allows in the development of the paddy and other farms. So this event is very essential for farm owners and so it is recognized in a huge way in villages.

Natyanjali Dance Festival

The Natyanjali Dance Festival is an event devoted to Master Nataraj, the dancing symptom of Master Shiva. This five-day lengthy festival begins from the day of Maha Shivaratri. This festival is organized by the Travel and leisure Division of Tamil Nadu and the Natyanjali Trust.

Kavadi Festival

One of the most interesting celebrations in India, the Kavadi Event of Tamil Nadu is a mix of trust, compromise and glamor. The excessive suffering and compromise, a devotee goes through to provide his wishes to Master Muruga is known as the Kavadi. It is considered, the quantity of virtue one gets by doing the Kavadi more than a thousand times for the suffering he experiences.

Karthigai Deepam

Karthigai Deepam is the well-known event of the southern area of India and is the most ancient event with wonderful and elaborated festivals all over the condition of Tamil Nadu. The event is also classified as the ‘Festival of Lights’ and is also regarded the growth of Deepavali Festival.


Deepawali or Dipawali is one the most essential, greatly patiently waited and greatly valued event recognized across India and in areas of Nepal. Initially, the name was Deepawali, which has its source from Sanskrit, significance ‘rows of Deep’.

Saraswathi Pooja

This Pooja is conducted to obtain intellect and creativeness. Information is the groundwork of freedom. The Saraswathi Pooja can carry you holy knowledge to get over all the issues of lifestyle.

Mahamagam Festival

The Mahamagam Event is a sacred festival recognized once in 12 years in Tamil Nadu. This Event is organized at Kumbakonam. In this festival all the individuals come to take shower in Mahamagam Tank. People from all the sides of the nation come at Kumbakonam for the festival. This festival is also known as Kumbamela of Southern region.

Arubathimoovar Festival

The event is organized in the Kapaleeshwara forehead, which homes the brown idols of the saints. On the event day the brown idols are taken on a procession down the roads of Mylapore. The Kapaleeshwara forehead is significant for its sky scrapping gopuram.

Summer Festival

The Summer Festival starts from the day of Buddha Purnima every season. The festival starts with the singing of a ballad that is followed by Gair, Daph and Ghoomar folk dances which enthrall the viewers.

Kanthuri Festivals

The Kanthuri Event of Tamil Nadu is an icon of secularism in the state as well as in the nation. The exclusive function of the Kanthuri Event is that it is experienced and noticed by the Hindus, Muslims and individuals of all other beliefs as well.


On the festival of Thaipusam, high variety of enthusiasts marches on the way to the Murugan temple in procession holding Kavadi.

Natyanjali Festival

The Natyanjali festival devoted to Master Shiva is recognized every season for five days in the temple assumption. It starts with the excellent event of Maha Shivaratri. During the festival major dancers from all areas of Indian assemble and dancing in the temple as a providing to Nataraja.

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