Tanabata is a Japanese people event, coming from the China Qixi Festival. It enjoys the conference of the deities Hikoboshi and Orihime. In accordance with the legend, the Milky Way distinguishes these fans, and they are permitted to fulfill only once a season on the 7th day of the 7th lunar month of the lunisolar schedule.

The date of this day differs by area of the nation, but the first celebrations start on 7 July of the Gregorian schedule. The party is organized at various times between Jul and Aug. Kanto and many other areas enjoy Tanabata on around 7 Jul while Sendai and Hokkaido notice it on 8 Aug.

In Kanto and most areas of Japan, Tanabata 2013 falls on 7 July. In Sendai and Hokkaido, Tanabata falls on 8 Aug 2013.

During the event, plenty of parades and festivals are organized in many locations all over Japan. Shopping centers and roads are designed with vibrant banners, streamers, and flags. The greatest party of Tanabata occurs in Sendai on 6-8 Aug very season. Another festal Tanabata event is organized in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa on around Jul. Tanabata event in Hiratsuka is popular as the greatest Tanabata event in the area of Kanto.

People in Japan celebrate the Tanabata festival by writing their wishes on a piece of small but long paper called tanzaku and hang the paper on bamboo. The bamboo, along with all the paper of witches, usually floats on a river or burned at the end of the Tanabata festival. In some areas in the country, people float bamboo leaves or  lanterns on a river.

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