If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong then the best time to visit is in fall and spring. But tourists come to visit Hong Kong all-round the year without taking its weather in consideration. Geographically located on sub-tropical typhoon belt, the weather of Hong Kong remains hot and humid most of the year. It has sub-tropical climate and weather changes considerably throughout the year and people enjoy all four seasons.

May to mid-September is the best rainy season and total rain fall through this time period is 348.4 millimeters. The rainfall is high in mountainous areas of Hong Kong than lower regions. Tropical typhoon (big wind) can vent its fury from July to September but is most likely prevalent in September. There is no need to worry about tropical rain storms because a strong navigation system has been setup in Hong Kong; it tracks the storm according to strength and locals have become adaptive to it. You can enjoy any of four seasons in Hong Kong.

Weather of Hong Kong:

Hong Kong has four seasons:

  • Winter season (December to February)
  • Spring season (March to May)
  • Summer season (May to Mid-September)
  • Autumn season (Mid-September to December)

All these four seasons have their individuality and people can plan their visit to Hong Kong to enjoy their own favorite season. But during some seasons Hong Kong become crowded with tourist.

The Best seasons (weather) to Visit Hong Kong:

There are two seasons that are most suitable to travel to Hong Kong. These are thought to be peak seasons for tourism in Hong Kong.

Autumn Season:

Fall start from mid-September to November in Hong Kong. These months are pleasant and beautiful and the best time of year to visit Hong Kong. The temperature changes from hot to moderate and people can enjoy pleasant breezes and clear sunshine of autumn. The average temperature ranges from 18°C-28°C and humidity remain at 27%. Weather doesn’t remain constant but become cooler in November. People usually wear light jackets in autumn to cope with cold weather. It is best time to have a tranquil dinner at Hong Kong Bauhinia Dinner Cruise and Aberdeen and Harbor Night Cruise and enjoying wonderful lights of harbor.

Spring Season:

Spring starts with pleasant cloudy weather in March and lasts till April and mostly till mid-May. Humidity starts increasing with fog and drizzle and evening is usually cool so light sweater is enough to keep body warm. The average temperature range in spring is 18°C-27°C with 82% humidity.

Off Season (weather) Visit to Hong Kong

The weather of Hong Kong in summer is very hot and humid with typhoon. Summer starts from May and remain till mid of September. Average temperature ranges from 26°C to 33°C and humidity level became as high as 87%. Weather remains quite unpredictable throughout summer season as tropical typhoon or Cyclopes may occasionally occur. Cotton T-shirts are suitable to wear in summer. Through May to August temperature becomes as high as 31°C. The annual rainfall of this sub-tropical area ranges from 1300-300 mm and about 80% of this rain falls in summer. The wettest month of the year in Hong Kong is August. In Hong Kong summer is consider to be off season for tourist because heavy rain, thunderstorms and hot weather may ruin their trip.

Hong Kong has a very cold and dry winter season because of its sub-tropical climate. The percentage of humidity in mild winter season is as low as 72 and average temperature ranges between 14°C-20°C. The day and night temperature also has a considerable difference and nights are very cold and chilly in December. Sometimes temperature drop to 10°C. December is the Christmas month and most of the people from round the world come to Hong Kong to celebrate Christmas and enjoy chilly winters. If you plan a trip to Hong Kong in winters then you need to put sweaters, coats and jackets in your suitcase.

If you are shopaholic then you can travel to Hong Kong all around the year. Hong Kong, the oriental pearl, has the biggest and the most fascinating shopping malls of the world so you will never get bored, neither will the chill or the heat outside bother you. Best places to stay and enjoy in Hong Kong.

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