Malaysia is one of the many countries located in Asia, which holds the true spirit and diverse culture of the entire continent. People not just from the Asian continent, but also from other parts of the world are living in this country. All these people together build the lively international integrated culture of Malaysia. There are so many hotels and Resorts which are fully capable of providing all their customers with a true Malaysian holiday experience. Also, with the excellent weather and climate, having a holiday in Malaysia is a full fun filled packaged deal.

When to go?

There are specific times of the year when Malaysia is most suitable for planning a holiday. Generally these time periods are considered to offer a much brighter holiday experience when compared to other time periods.

The most optimum time in which one should plan a holiday in Malaysia is from early December to early January. Even though Malaysia is a Muslim majority nation, people of the country are very open minded and always welcoming all types of cultures from all over the world. The Christmas season is highly recognized in Malaysia. During the start of December, many malls and hotels start to decorate their buildings with Christmas lighting. Almost the whole city lights up with bright red and green lights. Along with the Christmas fever, the New Year’s celebration and preparations are also underway. This is the time of the year when everyone has something to celebrate.

During night time, it is a true delight to roam around the capital, Kuala Lumpur, as so many fun activities are happening around. Also, just before December, sometimes the Muslim Festival of Eid is also celebrated. During this specific holiday season in Malaysia, hotels and resorts of the country are offering very suitable package deal for families which further proves to be a good value for money.

The holiday season from Early December to Early January is very short to visit all the wonders of Malaysia. If one wants to plan a longer stay with family and friends, then for this, the ideal time period would be from End of June till Early September. This time period is perfect for people living in the Middle East and also in the UK and USA, as during this time period all educational institutions in the respective countries are on summer break vacations.

The cool and relaxing weather of Malaysia is a perfect getaway from the summer heat in other countries. Not to mention, the summer discounts offered on various Malaysian shopping platforms add a wonderful touch to the entire holiday experience. Yet again, during this time period different hotels and resorts are offering cheap and quality holiday stay deals for their potential customers.

In order to successfully find a suitable accommodation between these two holiday seasons in Malaysia, it would be wise to make advance booking at least 1-2 months before departure as many hotels and resorts get booked instantly during these seasons.

When NOT to go?

Just like there are optimum time periods during which Malaysia is suitable for holiday visits, there are also times of the year when it is not advised for a holiday Visit. These are mainly due to the unstable weather patterns which may lead to natural environment problems. Furthermore, these problems need time to be solved by the Malaysian authorities.

It is not advised to visit Malaysia during the Monsoon season. The rain causes an unstable weather condition which has caused problems for the residents in the country before. One of the biggest problems has been floods. Therefore, it would be very unreasonable to travel to a country for a holiday which is experiencing floods.

In order to fully enjoy a holiday visit, one needs to check the weather condition of a country before hand. As Malaysia is known for integrating well with Singapore, both countries are well recognized for providing tourist business to each other. The academic institutions in Singapore provide a month long break to their students from mid may to the end of July. For international tourists, it is advised not to plan their holiday break during this time period as many students from Singapore visit Malaysia for their school break. Therefore, at times accommodation can be hard to find.

Find some beautiful places and hotels to spend your holiday in Malaysia with your family and friends too.

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