Pattaya is a beautiful city in Thailand. It is beach resort popular with tourists and expatriates. The city is famous in whole over the world for its beauty and attraction. It’s located in the east coast of Gulf of Thailand. If you are planning to pay a visit there, then let me tell you that you are on the right move. So that you don’t face any problem in Pattaya, therefore I am up with this post regrading best things to do in Pattaya. So let’s pay attention over it.

Coral Island

It’s a beautiful island to visit and very near to Pattaya. Just with the travel of 45 minutes from Pattaya beach, you can reach there. Swimming there and enjoying the shining Sun with your family gives a feel like heaven. After getting tired from the immense fun out there, you can enjoy tasty food in the restaurants. Foot massage can give you a pleasant feel that will make you free from all kind of worries and will make your visit to Thailand, a never forgettable one.

Walking Street

You can enjoy spending time with Ladyboys by going half to the walking street. There is a place where you can find many Ladyboys. So if you see any beautiful woman with attractive look, don’t chase here and think to get married with her, as that beautiful woman can be a Ladyboy as well. Give a look at elbows to confirm it as woman can invert her elbow which man can’t do.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden

If you love to have a calm walk around any beautiful area, then you must not miss to visit this place. It’s spread over thousands of acres and is widely open to give you a pleasant experience. If you are like me, who love to enjoy open environment, then this place if for you. You can enjoy traditional walks of beautiful elephants there and can have fun with your family.

Jomtien Beach

If you want to add more fun in the visit to Pattaya beach, then you can move over to Pattaya beach with your family and couples. Lots of restaurants and hotels are there to enhance your fun of the day. But be careful before hiring any room for your stay as some rooms are dirty there can result in reducing your fun. Some renowned hotels there offer you nice and clean rooms for your perfect stay.

Sri Racha Tiger Zoo

Want to see live tigers? Pay a visit to Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, which is just at 40 minutes drive from the Pattaya beach. Along with the tigers, you can also enjoy live elephants and crocodiles from the closer range. At evening, you can enjoy animal shows where all trained animals like tigers, elephant, monkeys etc. come to add more fun in your tour and to make your visit to Pattaya beach, a never forgettable one.

Pattaya beach is must to visit place during your tour to Thailand. I hope this article will guide you to do the best things there so as to give you immense fun during your travel with your family. Find Best hotels in Pattaya to stay and enjoy also.

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