The Mid-Autumn or the Moon Festival, is a festival that takes place in China. It is in celebration of the moon and has various stories that have given rise to the celebration of this day. One of the many stories is that there was a mother sun that circled the earth on a carriage. However, one day, all nine suns circled the earth together and so the earth began to burn.

Emperor Yao of China asked Houyi, who was skilled in archery, to shoot down those suns, which he did successfully. As a reward, the emperor gave him a pill that would make him immortal but he also asked Houyi to fast and pray for a year before he took the pill. One day, when Houyi was summoned elsewhere, his wife, Chang’e, found the pill and took it. When Houyi found out, he began to scold her and so she escaped to the moon. Houyi’s wife has been unable to come down to Earth and so this festival celebrates the annual visit of Houyi to the moon to visit his wife.

In order to truly enjoy a festival, various steps can be taken to make sure that the festival is enjoyed. One of the ways to truly familiarize one’s self with the festival is to learn about it and why it is celebrated. It takes place during autumn on the 15th of the 8th month of the calendar. The festival’s main attractions are the lanterns, moon cakes, fire dragon dances, and match-making. Since moon cakes, lanterns and Chinese tea are the defining features of the festival, individuals should purchase these things or make cakes and lanterns at home to get the real feel of the festival.

Moon cakes are associated with the festival because they were used as a means through which an attack was planned to take place on the Moon Festival. These moon cakes celebrate that legend. If baking is a favorite pastime, moon cakes can be made at home with a variety of fillings such as sweet bean paste, apricots, jam, and egg yolks. Another way to celebrate the festival could be to make lanterns. These could be lanterns to set off in the sky and/or be used to decorate the house.

Since the festival revolves around the moon, call family over and celebrate the festival with them. It is a great way to get together and tell stories that are associated with the festival. The moon can also be observed and discussed with family members. It is all about celebrating the moon. Since it is a good time to get together, celebrate with the home-made or store-bought moon cakes and the Chinese tea.

One of the most beautiful ways to celebrate is to set off the lanterns in the sky. They look beautiful in the moonlit sky and the best way to enjoy their weightless journey is to turn off all the lights before setting them off in the sky. At times, boat lanterns are also set off, which involves lanterns put on boats and set adrift. To add to the feel of the festival, burn incense in your house. One of the highlights of the festival is the dragon fire dance. If one is happening in your local area, make sure that you attend it with your family and friends.

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