Whether you live in Thailand or outside of it, you will definitely find Thai food to be something worth coming back to. Thai food is everywhere, thanks to the many restaurants selling them overseas. But if you do happen to visit this island country, be sure to try these 10 food items that Thailand became famous for.

Remember, nothing beats authentic Thai cooking!

10. Kai Med Ma Muang

Translated, that simply means Chicken with Cashew Nuts. Just imagine the soft texture of chicken going up against the crunch of cashew nuts. Interesting, huh? Better try it to believe it.

9. Kao Na Phet

This one’s roasted duck. You’ll love it because ducks are guaranteed to be tastier than chicken. Plus, this meal comes with a matching stock that completes the all too tasty effect.

8. Khanom Jeen Nam Ngiao

Or just the popular Northern noodle soup meal. Almost all Thai noodles are to die for. But this one’s the best. It has got pork balls, rice noodles, tomatoes, pork broth, lime, pickled cabbage, bean sprouts, and lots of spice. Plus two rather exotic food additions: deep fried pork skin and jellied pig’s blood.

7. Tom Yum Soup

This one’s quite very popular. This soup is a combination of sour and hot ingredients and flavors. It has got fresh vegetables and fragrant herbs too. What you’ll commonly find in its mix are lemon grass stalks, chili, and kefir leaves. You may even find fish, chicken, or tofu in there. But this time, no coconut milk!

6. Khao Pad

Also known as the Thai fried rice, you know you’ll love this Thai meal staple because it has got just enough ingredients to suit your tummy. All it has are rice, onions, and eggs – yet you’ll wonder where all those flavors are coming from.

5. Gang Massaman

This is another soup of the curry flavor. This one’s sweet with a hint of cinnamon and nutmeg. Its ingredients list includes curry paste, peanuts, coconut milk, chicken, potatoes, and spices.

4. Nam Prik Ong

If you don’t want to binge on Thai food or if you’re on a diet, this one’s perfect. Simply referred to as the chili dips, this will make all those finger foods a lot of fun. This dip is definitely a Thai food table essential.

3. Papaya Salad

If you want to try some Thai fresh salads, then this is your best bet. The meal is made with shredded unripened papaya, chili, tomatoes, palm sugar, lime juice, and fish sauce. The result is a tasty meal for veggie lovers out there.

2. Tom Kha Kai

This meal is chicken cooked in coconut milk. It’s a nice twist of the famous Tom Yum dish, which by now, you’ll realize has lots of variations. Try this one and you might just say it’s better.

1. Tom Yung Goong

Of course, the father of all Thai food should go right to No. 1 on this list. Tom Yung Goong is the original Thai specialty and it has got shrimp, tomatoes, mushrooms, lemongrass, kefir and galangal leaves included in the mix. This one comes with coconut milk because without it, it’s just the Tom Yung Soup.

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