If luxury vacations aren’t really your scene and you crave to explore the world with nothing more than a backpack, you need to choose the right destinations. While almost all countries offer a lot for backpackers to see and experience, it can be rightly said that some countries really are better for backpacking than others. Why, you may ask? They offer more options in cheap loading, more scope for adrenaline pumping adventure activities and cheaper transit, along with the fact that they are also popular with other backpackers, so you will probably make some new friends along the way!

So here are the top top 4 backpacking destinations for travellers, along with ideas on what to do once you arrive at your chosen destination:

1. Peru

If you are new to backpacking, start with exploring South America. It’s cheap to get there and to also move around the country because of many affordable local transport options, but the best part is that Peru has a lot to offer to backpacker looking for an action packed vacation.

Visit Lake Titicaca – the floating islands to enjoy the picturesque beauty or you can choose to sand board at Huaccahina. Also, the Inca Trail is a must-try to see the world famous Machu Pichu and relive the Incas history you only read about in books. It’s beautiful and mysterious and will definitely leave you feeling overwhelmed.

But that is not all Peru has to offer. From gorgeous beaches, to lively towns with quaint B&Bs, to scrumptious street food, colorful local festivals and friendly hosts offering a warm welcome everywhere you go, a trip to Peru will definitely make for some fond and memorable backpacking memories.

2. India

India has always been on the must-visit list of every backpacker, and with good reason. It’s cheap to live in, shop and travel as you explore the vast country and there is so much to see. From the world famous Taj Mahal that makes a place in the 7 Wonders of the World’, to the royal forts and castle ruins of Jaipur, to beautiful beaches of Goa and Kerala and the hustle bustle of vibrant city life in Mumbai, there is a lot to do and experience.

Depending on the duration of your visit and your budget, you could either take a flight to the capital New Delhi and explore parts of the Northern region such as Agra, Jaipur, Varanasi, Rishikesh; or land right away in Mumbai and explore only Southern India, peppered with towns and cities with gorgeous beaches, each unique from the other. Try the lively beaches offering many water sports and the active nightlife of Goa, or enjoy the pristine secluded beaches of Gokarna further south for some peace and quiet. Pondicherry and Kerela are also worth a visit.

However, the key to enjoy your backpacking vacation to India is to do proper research before you book your trip, as the nation is massive and unless you plan to stay for a couple of months, covering the whole country at a comfortable pace is almost impossible.

3. New Zealand

If you are looking for a vacation that is set against a beautiful landscape, New Zealand is the right choice. It’s a beautiful country peppered with lakes, fjords and forest to explore, each with an almost otherworldly beauty that will take your breath away. There are many options to try outdoor adventures for adrenaline junkies – challenge hikes, forest treks, sky diving, bungee jumping and scuba diving being only a few. The Waitomo Glowworm Cave is a must try, and there are several natural attractions that the country has to offer to backpackers.

From the Great Barrier Reef to snow-capped mountains and everything else you can think of, New Zealand has one of the most diversified terrains in the world and promises to be an adventure seeker’s paradise.

4. Ireland

If you loved the Irish accent, a backpacking trip to Ireland will warm your heart and leave you feeling recharged. From beautiful castles to rolling green hills, and from super friendly people to loud noisy pubs, Ireland is a country that offers much to backpackers. Enjoy the hustle bustle of Dublin or delve in to the quaint serenity of the Irish farmlands, you will have much to see and experience in this country. Do visit the Newgrange, to see some of the oldest Stone Age structures.

While the local vibe is relaxed and jovial, the superb street food will leave your taste buds tantalized. The Food Markets of Dublin are a must try for foodies, with a wide range of scrumptious street food from all over available at very affordable prices. Also, budget travelers can enjoy the atmosphere and ambiance of priced family-run guesthouses offering the best of the Irish hospitality, promising a cozy welcome and relaxed vibe that makes your experience of staying in Ireland more authentic.

The key to a successful backpacking trip lies in packing light. Making sure that you have your travel plans and itinerary in place before you are all set to leave will help you decide on exactly what to pack and what to leave behind, so that you have ample space left in your bag to bring back souvenirs from your world travels!