While the Singaporean economy continues to roar in East Asia in the midst of global economic stagnation, it doesn’t mean its citizens are living like Saudi royalty. The frugal lifestyle is as much of a necessity here as it is in any other country hit by recession thanks to the uncomfortably high costs of living in Singapore.

This means that air travel is just as much of a monetary thorn in the foot of corporate professionals and travel enthusiasts as it is to everyone else. Luckily, the emergence of budget airlines has helped resuscitate the airline industry because of their minimalist approach in fulfilling the essentials for their customers. They cut down all the insignificant amenities and inconveniences such as:

– Landing at odd hours to lower airport taxes

– Eliminating travel agents who elevate costs via charging commission fees from passengers by providing them

with direct online booking portals.

– Maximize seating capacity in one aircraft by only setting up smaller, economy class seats

– Making food and in-flight entertainment services optional

Summarizing the Essential Budget Air Travel Experience

If you’re uninitiated to the budget air travel lifestyle, then let me assure there’s a lot you’re missing out on. Here are some of the key things to expect and essential tips to follow when you opt to travel by a budget airline:

The ticket fares are variable and are considerably more expensive on weekends and public holidays. In case you finalize your bookings 3 to 9 months ahead of time, you can be assured that your ticket fare will be dirt cheap. On the other hand, last minute bookings will certainly take away the bargain price ranges out of your reach. It is important to note that several budget flights are turnarounds and may be subjected to delays every once in a while. You can now avoid the mandatory food and beverage costs forced upon you by premier airliners and only pay for what you need. Buying extra baggage allowance online is recommended for travelers who require multiple bags to be checked in since the counter prices for the same will be steeper.

You may also want to look into traveler-oriented credit cards that offer additional discounts on airfare for specific airlines. The Citibank Clear Card is a great option since it entitles new applicants with S$60 Tigerair vouchers.

The Singaporean airline industry is thriving due to the popularity of budget airline carriers making the prospect of air travel accessible to people with low to average household income. Let us familiarize you with 5 of the best budget airlines in Singapore:

Jetstar Asia

Frequently dubbed as the finest budget airline carrier in Singapore by critics and passengers alike, Jetstar Asia truly does live up to its lofty expectations. It offers a highly attractive Friday Frenzy Fare special that gives passengers some of the lowest prices possible for various destinations.

It is one of the few airlines that does not arrive or depart from the Singapore budget terminal.

Tiger Airways

Operating out of its primary base in Singapore Changi Airport, Tiger Airways flies to multiple destinations across Southeast Asia, Chine, India and Australia at super affordable prices.

Tiger Airways have also tied up with numerous hotels and car rental agencies across these destinations to offer budget travel packages to their passengers.


Since the strength of the Singapore dollar has consistently outmatched the value of the MYR, this means that Singaporeans can avail some fantastic fares and a wide selection of flight destinations, especially when they depart from Kuala Lumpur.

Although the customer service of Airasia is a tad bit disappointing, their costs, connectivity and concise scheduling more than make up for it.


Scoot happens to be one of the fastest rising contenders in the battle for budget air carrier supremacy in Singapore. Although their overall routes are rather limited, they do offer unique destinations to budget travelers who are used to going back and forth between similar destinations offered by other budget airlines.

Scoot offers a host of great promo fares over limited periods of time throughout the year along with additional services like car rental, hotel reservation, hotel and airport transfer, etc.

Cebu Pacific

Traveling across 4 domestic destinations and 24 international destinations, Cebu Pacific has recovered well after initial hurdles as a successful budget airliner.

This airline carrier offers great limited time Life Fare discount offers for selected destinations throughout the year.

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