To find a place for camping in Singapore could be quite challenging. Singapore does not just offer its visitors recreation in the form of thrilling and adventurous parks and rides, but it is also a place where you can enjoy nature at its fullest. Singapore is home to many National Parks that allows you to camp on and appreciate the natural beauty bestowed on them. While you are fidgeting about what to take and what not to take on camping, many of the camping sites have shops that are always glad to rent you camping equipment if you don’t have any.

Here is detailed information and recommended places for camping in Singapore, so that you can easily decide where you have to go for your next camping trip in Singapore.

Top 5 recommended camping places in Singapore

Here is our recommendation for top 5 camping places in Singapore.

1. Changi Beach Park

Changi beach park is considered as one of the oldest parks in Singapore and usually the first choice of campers. This park has a lot to offer in terms of camping in Singapore and it can guarantee you a fun-filled camping trip on its ground. You can easily find Changi Beach Park if you are familiar to Changi Village as it is adjacent to it. Even if you are not familiar, you will not have any problem in finding this camping spot. This beach park offers BBQ pits for you to enjoy an open-air dinner and bike trails to explore the park inside out. You will indeed have a great camping experience in Changi Beach Park.

2. East Coast Park

If Changi Beach Park didn’t excite you, then East Coast Park might do. Situated along the coastline, this park is spread over good 185-hectares. Campers might find this place interesting because it offers a lot of outdoor recreational activities. You better come prepared for at least two days of camping; or you won’t be able to enjoy all the activities waiting for you here. This park is divided into different zones offering equal fun but as a camper, you must not miss areas D and G. Water sports, cycling, cable skiing and skateboarding are few of the many activities available here. East Coast Park is highly recommend for camping in Singapore.

3. Pulau Ubin Island

Pulau Ubin Island in Singapore  will surely make you nostalgic by taking you back into the era when the only source of electricity used was diesel generators. Pulau Ubin that means a Granite Island is naturally shaped as a boomerang and a great place for all camping enthusiasts. Pulau Ubin island offers you moments of peace and tranquility away from the busy life of city, and also a chance to revive your passion of photography and love for nature.  Easily accessed in ten minutes via a boat ride from Singapore Island, it is surely going to surprise every first time visitor and is a great place for camping in Singapore.

4. Pasir Ris Park

If Pulau Ubin takes you back into the old times, then Pasir Ris Park introduces you to all the modern camping activities that you would love to enjoy with your family and friends. But this park is not just about modern camping and sightseeing. It is a blend of modern and natural activities. Being a nature lover, you are thoroughly going to enjoy observing birds from a bird watching tower. Also if you want to learn about the mangrove community, then go ahead and observe them in the mangrove forest. Children too have a plenty of activities to enjoy and they won’t find themselves bored. Pasir Ris Park is recommended place for camping in Singapore.

5. West Coast Park

West Coast Park is more than just a camping base. If you are in Singapore for the very first time, then West Coast Park must be included in your list, or else your trip to Singapore will be incomplete. This park is a great camping place that features adventurous activities catering to all age groups. You will find three different areas in this park and each one has its own unique point. But Area 2 is largely preferred by visitors because it is a mixture of Area 1 and Area 3. However; if you like to have a moment alone then head towards Area 1 as it is more peaceful.

These are some of the camping spots in Singapore that are preferred by the visitors from all around the world, however; you must acquire a permit before starting your camping. These Public Camping areas include all the facilities that a person requires on daily basis so your 100% fun is guaranteed.

Useful tip for campers

You need to apply for a camping permit in order to do camping in Singapore. You can do so online by clicking here.

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