France which is also known as French Republic is one of the beautiful countries to visit. It’s a country of western Europe and have many beautiful islands in it. If you are planning to visit France, then I must tell you that you are on the right way as you can have immense fun while traveling France with your family. The country is filled with natural beauty and there are many things that you can do in France. Let’s have a look at 6 top most things to do in France.

Visit the Reims Cathedral

The  Reims Cathedral which is also known as Notre Dame de Reims is the must visit place in France. The previous cathedral got damaged in a scary fire accident and on the place of that, this present cathedral was built. Most of the kings of France were crowned from the same.

Gaze the beauty of the Sainte Chapelle

In the capital city of France, i.e. Paris, there is Sainte Chapelle located there and visiting it should also be among the top of your wish lists to do in France. It’s the only building which has got housed in a royal area. This beautiful building is one of the best construction in the world.

Reims Church

The beautiful Reims church has always been a great attraction for the visitors coming to France. It’s the oldest church in Reims and must be visited by every visitor of France. The Basilique Saint-Remi de Reims is given name on the name of 5th-century Saint Remi.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower is one of the best attractive landmark to attract thousands of hundreds of visitors every year. If you go to France and don’t visit Eiffel Tower then believe me that you are going to miss a great part of your France trip. Eiffel Tower’s beauty and popularity can be judged from the fact that many visitors go to France just because to see this beautiful landmark. Eiffel Tower is located in beautiful city Paris, which is capital city of France as well.  This tower is thousands feet long and has got two restaurants in it. You can have a great time to enjoy the tasty food in the restaurants while viewing one of the best landmarks of world. Eiffel Tower has got a shopping point as well, which can further add up in your fun.

Hall of Mirrors

The Hal of Mirrors is located in the Versailles and is considered as the best hall of the world. The hall is flooded with the best mirrors which are collected from the different parts of the world are made with good quality glass. One interesting point about the Hall of Mirrors is that it has all the best mirrors collected in the time when they were way too costly and nobody had economical approach to buy them.

Walk around La Defense

La Defense is a commercial and very beautiful state of Paris with very less population of around thirty thousand people only. You can see tall and beautiful buildings and busy professional people here and there. ‘La Grande Arche’ is the most beautiful building to visit there. The city becomes even more beautiful to watch in the night.

So it was the list of best things to do while having a trip to France. Make sure that you don’t forget to visit even single beautiful place, landmark or building in France. This list will not let to do so.

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