Hong Kong is one out of two administrative regions of People’s Republics of China. It’s a beautiful place to visit with your family. It’s not all about the deserts and skyscrapers. There are many beautiful beaches as well. You will like to swim and to enjoy some beautiful moments of your life there.

If you are going to visit Hong Kong with your family, then you should not miss enjoying the cold water of the beaches. There are many beaches and you will find it confusing to visit the best one as going to all the beaches is not possible. But you don’t have to worry now as in this post, I am going to list the best beaches in Hong Kong. So let’s have a look at it.

1. Cheung Sha Beaches, Lantau

It’s the closest beach to the ferry point at Mui Wo having old sands of Silvermine. On the upper and lower points of  Cheung Sha Beaches, you can enjoy a great swimming time. Beyond the Lower Cheung Sha Beach Tong Fulk, there is sea edged with rocks. As this beach is very near to Ferry point, so reaching there is very simple and can be done by taking bus from ferry point.

2. Tai Long Wan

Old sands, fresh air, fast waves are some of the attractive parts of Tai Long Wan. If you visit Hong Kong and don’t visit this beach, then believe me, your tour experience will be half. There are many attractive points which are catchy enough to bring the visitors towards them. You will find many beautiful islands here but the main attractive point is the big water. As the beach is not guided by any lifeguard, therefore according to the rule of Government of Hong Kong, you are not allowed to swim here. Enjoying good food while on beach is an awesome fun. You need not to carry your food along with you as there are many cafes nearby which are always ready to serve you with tasty food on your demand.

3. Cheung Chau Windsurf Beach

It has three beaches in it, the main being Tung Wan. To enjoy intimacy with the loving ones, the young couples go the short sanded beach. It has deserted beach as well like Italian Beach or Pak Tso Wan. You can hire small boats to have great fun along with your family. In the left, the beach is open for the windsurfers.

4. Shek O

The golden sands of this beautiful beach of Hong Kong can be great fun to visit on hot sunny day. You can enjoy a great time here with your family. Dramatic drops and high rolling hills have ringed this beautiful beach. The rustic charm of small village streets are combined to green clubs of Shek O Country Club, by this beach. Nice climate, Shark nets, fast waves, fresh air, lifeguards make this beach as one of the popular beaches in Hong Kong.

5. Repulse Bay And South Bay Beach

Very popular beach for the youngsters. You can have a great fun here in group of your friends as this beautiful beach has got old sands which appears like gold on land, green trees which are arranged to create a very attractive look. You can swim in the cold and fresh of this beach. South Bay Beach is more secluded than the Repulse Bay Beach mainly, due to one mile walk to find it.

So going to Hong Kong to enjoy these beautiful beaches? Let’s have a look at the best hotels for stay in Hong Kong

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