Travelling alone for women raises many inevitable questions as in past centuries respectable women traveled with chaperons.

A woman who is travelling alone is always in peril and it is quite challenging for her. If you are a business woman and you have to travel alone for business trip or even if you are an explorer, solo travelling is a bit of a hassle. So women who have to travel alone need not worry anymore. There are multitudes of tips for hitting the road as a solo traveler.

Most of the women who travel alone consider solo travelling fun and exhilarating. They experience this to meet many other fascinating people out there travelling by themselves. There are some top tips regarding the safety of women who are traveling alone.

Carefully Choose Your Accommodation And Experience Its Safety:

Before travelling you need to get an advanced reservation at a reputable hotel. Try to choose the one that has an excellent safety record and try to get a room near the elevator on the first floor. Staying at a reputable hotel is safe enough but you still need to check and take all precautionary measures. Don’t write your full name while signing in and avoid prefixes Ms. or Mrs. Ask the desk clerks not to mention your room number aloud so no stranger would get any idea where you are staying. After entering the room, check all windows, wardrobe and balcony for safety. Don’t leave your room keys on the desk if desk clerk is absent.

Stash Your Valuables (Money, Passport And Credit Card):

Keep your money, credit card, debit card and passport safe and out of sight of others. Most women use a money belt but don’t use it for usual use. The safest place to keep valuable papers or documents is the sole of your shoes or in your clothing. Don’t use a purse to stash valuables and avoid carrying large amounts of money. This may put you in trouble as well.

Do Plenty Of Research On The Place You Are Visiting:

Before landing at your destination, you must do a research about its language and culture and some very famous places. You must always review the map before leaving the hotel and don’t ever pull out a map when on the road or in a cab. If necessary then try to use a mobile application to check your location and map. It is better that you can speak their native language for formal conversation.

Keep Your Wits About You And Be Confident:

If you feel uncomfortable about anything then don’t do it and avoid going alone with any stranger to some exotic place. Don’t walk alone on a lonely road at night and avoid loitering. Don’t roam in a city like you are a stranger but try to behave confidently. You must also know how to use pay phones. If something goes wrong then keep your heads up and try to escape.

Keep In Touch:

You must always stay in touch with your friends and family so they should know about you. Try to email your friend daily and share your experience of the whole day. Inform your embassy or travel agency about your stay in that place. This is necessary for your safety.

Blend In And Be Friendly:

Keep the climate and people in mind and be friendly with locals when you find it appropriate. Don’t behave over friendly with them. Make friends with other women whether you are in your hotel or at some market place. It would have a pleasant effect on you and you would enjoy your solo travel.

Don’t Dress Provocatively:

Being a woman, dressing is very important so try to dress appropriately. Dress conservatively and wear sophisticated clothes to minimize attention from local men. You can also wear a fake wedding ring that would help you to keep away from men.

Handle Harassment And Don’t Panic:

Most of the time a woman sitting alone is considered to be available by men. Whenever you are waiting for a train or bus, avoid staring around and keep yourself busy; take a book out of your bag and start reading. If any man tries to approach you, remain confident and if he comes more close say ‘no’ to him firmly in their native language.
These are just a few of the safety tips you must keep in mind and follow when you are alone on a trip.

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