In my view, the very best souvenirs are friendships, photographs, and fond memories: those who travel lightly are not typically looking to add more stuff into their lives. If you feel the need for something more concrete, though, or can’t pass up a flea-market bargain, you might want to put some thought into what to get, and how to get it home (or haul around with you).

Locally-produced items tend to make the best mementos: “Made in China” is fine if you’re visiting that country, but it’s otherwise suggestive of a lack of imagination. If you’re in Belgium, think lace or chocolate; when in Ireland (or Portugal), think hand-knit sweaters; and so on. Functional souvenirs are usually preferable to purely decorative ones: clothing is often a good choice, and can even replace something you’ve brought. Readers will appreciate local books on topics of interest, and music-lovers should consider recordings of local musicians they’ve enjoyed.

I always leave some space in my bag for gifts, souvenirs, and other items that I might want to bring home. Should that prove insufficient, I have the option of using my daypack to carry additional stuff. On an extended trip, I will mail items home.

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