Whoever considers themselves a traveler should pack their things at once and leave for Sydney and Australia. Saying that Australia is wonderful is clearly an understatement. This country has everything you need; from arid desert at the heart of the continent to monsoons in the north-west to a cozy and California-like climate in the south-east, to Tasmania and the Great Barrier Reef, this country has a huge variety of natural and cultural gems. And the shiniest of them all is its largest city – Sydney.

Along the famous route

The great thing about Sydney and Australia as a whole is its openness to guests of every kind. On one hand, this beautiful country boasts incredible landscapes and luxurious accommodation facilities. On the other hand, it welcomes students and other visitors who can count on smaller amounts of money. When in Sydney on a restricted budget, you should not experiment too much, but follow the middle-of-the-road path. Taking a selfie in front of the Sydney Opera House costs nothing. While already here, go to Harbor Bridge and have a look at the harbor and Sydney from there. If on a bit higher budget, you can book a place on one of the group visits to the bridge, where you climb its spectacular construction and have a wonderful view of the whole Sydney area.

Join the bohemians and street artists

The Rocks is the bohemian part of Sydney. While there are also other parts of Sydney that inhale and exhale art, the Rocks is the most interesting one, since it is situated in the very center of the city. In this area you can visit some fancy restaurants, but also eat in the streets. There are always many stalls flocked in the streets of the Rocks, where many artists exhibit and sell their works. Also, you can meet some outstanding street artists and watch them make their works in front of you. If you are talented, you can even join them and become one of the Sydney artists.

Beaches from heaven

If there is one thing that a Sydney visitor can enjoy without any significant investment, that must be the heavenly beaches of Sydney and the warm Australian sun. The ABC-s of Sydney’s beach offer start at Bondi and Coogee. These two beaches look like they are situated in Malibu or Venice, in Los Angeles. However, this is only the beginning of the beach story of Sydney. In addition to that, Manly Beach is a must-see, too. Its greatest advantage lies in the fact that it is situated to the north of Sydney and it is not on the main tourist route. Even those on a small budget can go for a ferry ride to this abundant beach and enjoy its unique beauty. Of course, it is convenient to book into one of boutique Sydney hotel units to squeeze your accommodation into your budget. It would be perfect if it could be near one of the Sydney beaches.

Visiting Sydney means taking an insight into a city of great attractions and rich cultural life. From beaches and tourist sites to museums and galleries, Sydney is a city for every budget.