How about getting a good idea of a destination even before you plan your iternary. I’m not talking about just browsing the internet for pictures and information, but real videos to vet your curosity. Thats right, the next frontier is here – travel videos.

Get ready. At your fingertip, you will be able to see your next destination, right at home, even without moving your bud from your very own chair. Many new sites are coming online to fill this niche., and are some good sites to start with. They are tailor made by country/city you wish to visit.

These videos are not going to replace your vacations but assist you in preparing for your next vacations. Maybe it will replace you with fullfilling memories of destinations you are not planning on visiting.

Happy surfing to a new world. The term, ‘The World At Your Fingertip ‘ has taken on a new dimention !!!


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