Ugadi, Telugu New Year, is a Hindu festival celebrated in some Hindu majority countries like India and Mauritius. The festival is celebrated in around March-April every year to remember the day when Lord Brahma began his excellent creation and the day when Krishna, the character of Lord Vishnu, died in 3101 BC.

Date of Ugadi

Ugadi is celebrated on the first day of Chaitra month in the Hindu calendar. Since the conventional Hindu calendar has a different time frame computation with the Gregorian calendar, the time frame of Ugadi Gregorian schedule keeps modifying from season to season.

In 2013 it drops on 11 April 2013. 

Also in 2014 it drops on 31 March 2014.


The phrase Ugadi is resulting from “Yuga” and “Adi”. Thus, basically Ugadi indicates the starting of new ear or basically New Season in Telugu. According to Hindu values, Ougadi was the day when Master Brahma designed the galaxy and its whole material. It is also believed that Krishna, the finish metamorphose of Hindu God, Vishnu, died on Ogadi in 3101 BC.


Individuals enjoy Ugadi by viewing their loved ones, family members, or others who live nearby and have your meal together. Therefore, there is a custom to fresh the house and buy new outfits before enjoying Ugadi. In this case, both people and the homes will be in their best condition when the family members and others who live nearby come to check out.

During Ogadi, individuals also take a habit bath, wish for great health and best of fortune, as well as beautify the house with apple results in the hope that they will get a better life in the future season. In the evening, people also visit the temples to attend religious gatherings and listen to the forecast for the coming year.

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