Firsthand recommendations from your peers for where to fly, eat, or stay next sure beat sifting through pages of strangers’ reviews. Start simple: Use Facebook’s Graph Search to find which of your friends has been to a destination you’re considering visiting. In the search bar at the top of the page, type something like “My friends who have been to London” or “My friends who have been to Kensington Palace.” Up pops a list of friends who have journeyed to the Big Smoke, so you can ask them for their recommendations. If nobody you know has toured the royals’ abode, you can instead see a list of friends of your friends who have and then message them to see what they thought of it before you shell out $27 for a ticket.

If you’re tossing out a travel question as your Facebook status, be as specific as possible. Instead of, “Does anyone know any family activities to do in Chicago?” say, “Does anyone know of a zoo in Chicago that I can take my five-year-old to in September?” Facebook say the more specific and engaging you are in your post, the more recommendations you’ll get.


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