Almost every country’s history has got some wars against other countries. It’s on the record that every country had to fight against enemies to set themselves free. Victory day is announced as holiday in all over globe. This day is announced to commemorate the victory of any particular country on the other that lead them to free environment.

This day is celebrated on the days when any particular won any special war. As the date of winning important war is different for each country so this day is celebrated on different dates depending on the country’s history of war. To remember the heroes who sacrificed their lives during these wars, Victory day is celebrated every year in every country. Let’s have a look at the dates of victory day’s celebration in different countries.

Bangladesh’s Victory Day (December 16)

To commemorate the victory against Pakistan in 1991, Bangladesh celebrates its victory day every year on December 16. In Bangladesh, this victory is called as Bijoy Dibos.

Croatia’s Victory Day (August 5)

Both the independence day and victory day are celebrated on August 5 in Croatia. This is celebrated to commemorate the war which was in 1991 and was until 1995 to get free from Yugoslavia.

Egypt’s’ Victory Day (December 23)

Egypt had a hand off with the Suez Crisis (Suez War) against France and the soldiers of Egypt led them to win the war. Many people sacrificed their lives to bring the victory to Egypt. To commemorate that victory, holiday is announced on December 23 every year.

Europe’s Victory Day (May 8 )

The Victory day of Europe which is also known as VE day is announced as holiday and is celebrated with full enthusiasm to commemorate the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany in the year 1945. Many countries celebrate this day on May 8. Some countries even on May 7. Russia along with some other countries celebrate it on May 9 as well.

Malta’s Victory Day (September 8 )

This is a small country in Europe and celebrates  the victory that it get against Ottoman Turk in the year 1565. In 1943 they defeated Italy in war. On the day of celebration these victories, Malta also celebrates the birthday of Jesus’ mother on September 8.

Sri Lanka’s Victory Day (May 18)

Sri Lanka’s Military got victory against LLTE which was formed so as to separate it from the Sri Lanka. People of Sri Lanka celebrate that victory every year on May 18.

Vietnam’s Victory Day (April 30)

To commemorate the victory of Vietnamese communists 1975, the day April 30 is announced as public holiday in Vietnam and is celebrated with great enthusiasm from all the people of Vietnam. Vietnam was declared as communist state by the end of year 1975.  Reunification Day and Liberation Day are two other names for victory day of Vietnam.

So it was the list of dates of victory day of different countries. Every country has its own date of celebrating the victory. Although these dates are different for different countries, but yet the spirit and enthusiasm among people to celebrate it, is same. The reason is same and the aim is also same which is to make the new generations aware from their countries’ rich history.