Ha Long Bay is a collection of over 1600 islands and is the most famous places of Vietnam. This beautiful site is spread to large distance and is visited by millions of people every year coming from the different parts of world.

A Wide Diversity of Islands

Vietnam Honeymoon Tours and Cruising on HaLong Bay

Although the count is 1600 according to UNESCO, but it’s around 3000 in real and interesting thing is that all these islands are completely different from each other. Some are equipped with green grass and some are just rocks. Some islands have got beaches in them which can further add up your fun.

Many Caving Opportunities 

Ha Long Bay has got many caves to be explored. These caves are scary, beautiful, large, twisted and shallow.

The EtheReal Fog

Fog of Ha Long Bay is famous in all over the world. To enjoy the fog, many people love to visit Ha Long Bay in the early months of year like February. During this time of year, fog is frequent and sometimes it may overcome the islands as well. The attraction of fog of Ha Long Bay is clear from the fact that many people visit it just to enjoy the world famous fog.

Kayaking, Swimming and Snorkeling

For  Kayaking, you can’t find anything better than the Ha Long Bay. Kayaking allows you to enjoy the beauty of islands from very near to the islands, which boats can’t allow you at all. You can enjoy the scary but interesting caves.

Not only the Kayaking, there are many spots in Ha Long Bay where you can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. You can swim there through the fishes and can touch the peak of water with  snorkels  to have a unforgettable experience of fun with the water life.

Explore Fishing Villages

There are many fishing villages housed in the beautiful Ha Long Bay. This has been a popular place for the persons who make their living from fishing. These people have been living in the villages of Ha Long Bay from decades.

By exploring these beautiful villages, you can see that how the work of catching a fish and then selling it in market is done. While spending your days in fishing villages, you can feel the life of fisherman and thus the culture of Vietnam.

The Community Experience

While having a visit to Ha Long Bay, you will have fun with great people surrounding you. You can have good relations with other people who were strangers for you before the start of trip. As you are going to spend two or three days on the same boat with other people, so you will have good relations with them. Making new friends is an awesome experience and you will feel the same during the visit to Ha Long Bay.

It does not matter that you are a college student or single or married couple, visit to Ha Long Bay will be a great fun for you. It will be a sweet and beautiful experience for your life that you will not forget for the whole life.