Vietnam is modifying a plan on public holiday to have long weekends and in lieu of scattering days off all over the season. Most public holidays are to notice important historic festivals or enjoy the New Year. Some holiday differs from season to season due to the time change between Solar and Lunar calendar.

Vietnam is a nation that is well-known for its tourism in addition to its commerce. If you want to visit Vietnam, you should be conscious of its public holiday as most companies and all public organizations remain closed nowadays. The people of Vietnam enjoy about 8 or 9 public holidays, most of these vacations represents either a cultural occurrence or a historic occurrence. This holiday follows the Georgian calendar or the Lunar calendar so those that adhere to the Lunar calendar differ from season to season.

These Public holidays of Vietnam celebrated with joy and pleasure all over the country. Formerly, there are even less Vietnamese public vacations, with employees noticed just 8 public vacation a year. Starting from 28 April, 2007 Vietnam government added the conventional vacation honoring the fictional Hung Kings to its list of public holidays, increasing the number to 9.

Festivals and Holidays are a part of our way of life, customized and nationality. Each country has its own way of life and customized which are largely reflected in the festivals in a year. Some of these holidays are also popular to indicate the birthday of religious saint. The periods for these festivals keep on changing in a year. Some of the religious festivals are based on the sighting of the moon.

New Years Day: 1 January 2012
The people of Vietnam celebrate the new year like other areas around the world. This day is a public holiday in Vietnam, all government workplaces as well as the financial institutions remain closed this day, though other solutions remain open.

Lunar New Year: 23 January 2012
This is the most significant holiday in Vietnam. During this vacation most of the people of Vietnam take some days off to visit with family. The government workplaces and public organizations including restaurants and some travel services may stay closed. You should plan your checkout if you transpire to be visiting Vietnam during this period.

It is also called Tet Nguyên Ðán. It is one of the biggest and most essential festivals and holidays celebrated in Vietnam. This festival is celebrated on the foundation the Lunar calendar known as lunisolar calendar. Tet Nguyen Dan  is celebrated on the same day of Chinese New Year which occurs on the first day of the first month of the Lunar calendar which generally lies around overdue Jan or beginning Feb. The public holiday in this event begins from one day before the finishing of past lunar month.

Hung King Festival: 31 March 2012
The Hug King Event formally became a national holiday in 2000. It is generally a one day vacation but most people incorporate it with a weekend to have a more time holiday. The holiday is celebrated in recognition of the Hung kings whose regime provided Vietnam the begin by developing a sovereign country. This festival has become a symbol of national unity.

Reunification Day or Labor Day: 1 May 2012
This Day is celebrated in recognition of the reunification of Vietnam in 1975. This vacation is followed by the Labor Day that honors the labor activity. These holidays are generally celebrated with parades, marches and activities by various performers.

Independence Day:  2 September 2012
On this day in 1945 that the Chief executive Ho Chi Minh formally announced that Vietnam was totally exempt from all northeastern causes and was an independent country. Since the day has been celebrated by the Vietnamese individuals as their National Day. On this day many individuals select to visit while others select to indicate on this historic day by viewing the BA Dinh square and the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum.

Many workplaces have Weekend while most employees at state-owned companies work on Saturday morning. Restaurants and shopping centers generally do not have set starting hours. In towns shops generally start until later in the night. Online cafes are permitted to start until 23 p.m. only most departmental shops are shut at 9 p.m. in these public holiday.

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