Each Australian state recognizes its own public holiday. One state of Modern Australia is Western Australia. It honors at least 10 public holidays every season. Referring to the Department of Commerce official site, there will be 10 public vacations for the citizens of Western Australia in 2013 calendar. Every season, most regular workers in Western Australia obtain 10 public vacations in which they are granted times off with regular pay. Part-time workers only obtain times off if the public vacations fall on their workdays.There is no obligation for the employers to give an additional payment or penalty rate of payment for the employees working on a certain public holiday. It is possible for the workers receive additional payment based on agreements or contracts of employment between the employees and employers. The Lowest Circumstances of Employment Act identifies that the real day of the vacation is the public holiday, not any alternative day. This implies that if a public holiday drops on a Weekend, for example:  if any event falls on Sunday, the public holiday will not be the Monday.

The list of Western Australia 2013 public holiday calendar is available below.

New Year’s Day in Western Australia: 1 January 2013
It is the first day of a year in accordance with the Western calendar celebrated in Western Australia.

Australia Day in Western Australia: 28 January 2013
Australia Day represents the anniversary of the appearance of the First Fleet and the organization of the first Western agreement in Modern Australia, on 26 Jan 1788. Modern Australia Day is a public holiday in all states and areas. All educational institutions and post workplaces are shut. Some trains and bus services do not function and others run a reduced service. The main symbols of Modern Australia Day are the symbols of Modern Australia. These include the Australia nationwide flag, with its reflections of the Union Jack.

Labor Day in Western Australia: 4 March 2013
The Labor Day remembers the allowing of the eight hour working day for Western Australian employees.  It is organized on the first Monday in March and these days understand the participation of all employees to the success of our State.

Good Friday in Western Australia: 29 March 2013
The day commemorates the crucifixion of God Jesus Christ.

Easter Monday in Western Australia: 1 April 2013
Easter Monday celebrates after Easter Sunday. It is a public holiday throughout Modern Australia each year. Many people spend Easter Sunday with family, carrying out maintenance or participating sports matches. Easter Sunday is the last day of many music celebrations held during the long weekend. These include the Byron Bay East Coast Blues, the National Folk Festival and Roots Blues Fest, a range of local events and the Australian Gospel Festival.  Educational institutions, businesses and other companies are shut. Many large stores and shopping centers are remain close.

ANZAC Day in Western Australia: 25 April 2013
ANZAC Day is a day for a memorial and identification of all Aussies who have provided our nation in wartime. The unique ANZACs were the military of the Australia and New Zealand Military Corps who conducted in Gallipoli in Gallipoli during the First World War. These soldiers arrived in Gallipoli on 25 Apr 1915, and the ANZAC Day public vacation is organized on 25 Apr each season.

Western Australia Day in Western Australia:  3 June 2013
Western Australia Day is an exclusively Western Australia public holiday. It remembers the day that the first European residents arrived in Western Australia to find the Swan River Community on June 1, 1829. Western Australia Day is celebrated on the first Monday in June each season.

Queen’s Birthday in Western Australia: 30 September 2013
The Queen’s Birthday vacation is announced by the Governor of Western Australia based on the dates of the Term the Royal Show and 3 school holidays. This understands the value of the Royal Show, which has been affiliated with the Queen’s Birthday public vacation since 1981.

Christmas Day in Western Australia: 25 December 2013
This event represents the birthday of Jesus Christ.

Boxing Day in Western Australia: 26 December 2013
Boxing Day is recognized on Dec 26 in Excellent in Western Australia, has nothing to do with pugilistic competitors. Nor is it a day for individuals come back Christmas presents. While the actual roots of the vacation are unknown, it is likely that Boxing Day started in the United Kingdom during the Middle Age.

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