Pizza, the national dish of Italy is an international phenomenon today. The Italian pizza comes with a distinct taste, style and ingredients, the taste you can hardly find in any other category of pizzas. In American you will get pizza in the form of either thin and conventional New York style pizza or cheesy and thick Chicago style pizza. The history of pizza can be traced back to various cultures. In the Mediterranean it has a long tale while the Greeks and Phoenicians used to consume flour and water made flatbread which was cooked on hot stone and seasoned with flavoured herbs. The ancient historians have praised the early style pizzas which were eaten everywhere in Babylon, Egypt and Rome.

Pizza Margherita is undoubtedly a standard but today you can find several varieties of pizza in Italy. This delicious dish which is prepared in a Pizzaria is circular in shape and cooked in wood fired oven. Pizza Marinara is a regional variety of traditional Neapolitan pizza which comes with oregano, lots of garlic and anchovies and worth giving a try. Pizza Napoli is enriched with mozzarella, tomato and anchovies. In Capricciosa you will find a fabulous topping of artichoke hearts, prosciutto, olives, ½ a boiled egg and mushrooms. The other varieties like Pizza Pugliese and Pizza Veronese are also popular. While Pizza Pugliese has olives and local capers Pizza Veronese makes use of tender Prosciutto crudo and mushrooms. In the pizzas from Sicily the great toppings of seafood, green olives, peas and hard-boiled eggs can be found.

Other than regional variety there are numerous popular varieties in Italy. One of such variety is a topping of Italian tuna in olive oil and various marine products like shellfish, shrimp and anchovies. In the Quattro Formagi there is a four cheese combination of fresh mozzarella and local cheeses like ricotta, parmigiano-reggiano and Gorgonzola. In Liguria variety a nice topping of basil pesto is found with no tomato sauce. In Quattro Stagioni you will find the four seasons with sections of salami, Prosciutto cotto, artichokes, tomatoes and mushrooms. Not only these, there are hundreds of other varieties which are equally delicious and quite popular among the pizza buffs.
The recent trend of Pizza has seen the popularity of a pizza with rughetta and pomodoro pachino. The pizza maniacs are finding mozzarella di bufala a better choice. In Italy Pizza rustica or Pizza al taglio are widely sold in all parts of Italy. This kind of pizza comes loaded with marinated mushrooms, artichokes and onions. A quick lunch is quite good with this kind of pizza.

In the recent years the sweet pizzas are gaining huge popularity and to cope up with the trend the traditional pizzas are making use of some unique ingredients. The new trend of dessert pizzas makes use of flavoured combination of honey, Nutella, yogurt, fruit jam, mustard and even liquor. The pizza lovers should try a real Italian pizza to get the perfect taste of this yummy delicacy because there is no other pizza that stimulates the taste buds like the way a real Italian pizza does.

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