Seokgatansinil or Buddha’s Birthday is a Buddhist celebration day to honor the birthday of Gautama Buddha. In South Korea where Buddhism is one of the nation’s significant religions, Buddha’s Birthday is a very essential event and also a public holiday. In 2013, Buddha’s Birthday will be celebrated on May 25, 2013. and in 2014, Buddha’s Birthday will be celebrated on May 6, 2014.

South Korea enjoys the Buddha’s birthday party on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month although less than a one fourth of Koreans recognize as Buddhists. Because of different time frame computations between China lunar Schedule and Gregorian calendar, the date of this day differs from season to season in Gregorian calendar.

However, the other nations may enjoy Buddha’s Birthday party on different schedules. As a representation, some nations such as Thailand and Vietnam notice Buddha’s Birthday party on the full moon of the Fourth month while Sri Lanka enjoys the event on the first full moon in May every season. The event is one of the greatest on the vacation schedule with traditional sources since AD 866.

For those who already in South Korea or on their way over there is no lack of celebrations to participate in. A preferred among worldwide guests it features plenty of picture possibilities and plenty of hands-on expertise programs where both guests and Seoulites can create lotus-shaped lamps or create Buddhist images.

On this day, most educational institutions, companies, financial institutions and govt workplaces are shut while students and workers are provided a day off. The emphasize is the Lantern Parade. As sunset drops, a large number of priests and laypeople carry romantic lamps on poles.

Enjoy with your family and friends and stay in South Korea.

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