Children’s Day is a public holiday in South Korea to enjoy children’s accomplishment and wish for their success and pleasure. People in this area enjoy the Day on 5 May every year. On this vacation, mother and father show their care of the kids by gift ideas and go along with them to some tourist destinations, be it zoos, parks or theatres and a lot of other locations of interest in Korea are generally crowded during the festivity of the children’s day. Children’s Day 2013 in South Korea falls on May 5, 2013 and Children’s Day 2014 in South Korea falls on May 5, 2014.


The developer of Children’s Day is Bang Jeong-Hwan a kid’s literary works writer and capitalist. This day first obtained an interest from impressive learners and the authority of the freedom activity of March first in 1919. Although Bang died at the age of 33, his work and heritage gained him the headline of ‘the everlasting friend of all children.’ He also recognized Saekdong, a company for advertising children’s social motions & actions. Children’s Day ceased in 1939 by the using Japoneses forces, but was re- founded on 5 May, 1946 as a set vacation.


This is an exclusive function intended for both secure and respect kids. Educational institutions often arrange plays and other activities that display the skills of their students. Children are frequently ruined on Children’s Day with gifts and trips.

Most kids in South Korea expect to enjoy the Day every year. This day function in South Korea is similar to Christmas for kids. During South Korean Children’s Day, parents exhibit much more concern for the kids, give them gifts, and pay attention to their wants.

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