Orthodox Christians yearly enjoy on or near Jan 7 to remember God Christ’s birth, explained in the Christian Bible. This day works in the Julian schedule that pre-dates the Gregorian schedule, which is commonly noticed. In 2013, Orthodox Christmas falls on Monday, Jan 7, 2013. and In 2014, Orthodox Christmas falls on Tuesday, Jan 7, 2014.  In different countries with a considerable number of Orthodox Christians, This day is noticed as a national holiday.

The goal of the Orthodox Christmas party is related with the common Christmas day i.e. to enjoy the birth of Christ. The only variation lays on the date of the party.  This is recognized on 25 Dec in Julian schedule which falls on around 7 Jan in Gregorian schedule. Although Gregorian schedule has been commonly used in most nations all over the world, Orthodox Christians in some nations still follow the Julian schedule in enjoying Christmas.

What people do?

Orthodox Christians is a day for eating and enjoying with friends and family members. In this day food may include Nuts and fresh dried fruits, Lenten bread, peas, and garlic, Vegetables and herbs, Slow-cooked kidney beans with potatoes, Bowl of honey, Baked cod, Mushroom soup etc..

The variety of food and activity may differ based on the nation’s lifestyle and customs. In some Orthodox Christian societies, people stroll in procession to ocean, waterways and ponds as part of the liturgy on the Day. They make gaps in the ice to bless the water. Little significance is given to gift transactions and the commercialized day.

Some individuals enjoy Orthodox Christmas are by going on a fast on the day before the party. In this way, individuals think that they will have a greater admiration and pleasure in enjoying the Nativity of God Jesus. On the Day, a special cathedral liturgy is generally held and joined by the Orthodox Christians.

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