In the traditional Thai lunar, Loy full moon evening Krathong. November in the western calendar this usually is a Tree Falls. Literal meaning is “floating” light means the water lotus – shaped vessel can float on the surface. Main, water, banana leaves or banana tree trunk or a spider lily light level. A water-lamp food, drink and nuts, flowers, incense, candles and coins are. Breathings bread or Styrofoam are often more modern. A stop light a few days, eating fish and other animals will be broken.

The traditional banana stem breathings biodegradable Styrofoam breathings brow furrowed, as they disappear from pollution may take years. However, the structure, water, light banana leaves decorated detail, flowers, candles, incense and candles will be drawn. A low value of the coins from the river as a spirit, sometimes grouped. Moon, Thailand will be floating in a river, canal or lake, pond water and light. Film Festival to honor the spirit of an ancient practice that is believed to be from the water. Today, it is just a time to have fun.

Loy Krathong in 2012 will be what kind of preparation?

Government agencies, corporations and other organizations usually create a large decorative float. Local and traditional institutions, its beauty and workmanship for the raft race. In addition, Fireworks, and the beauty of the gala event to celebrate. Loy Krathong Sukkoth was, however, more recent scholars think that this is a period from Bangkok. HM King Ramah IV in 1863 to work on holidays Brahmanism in Thailand, according to the original Buddha, Siddhartha Gualala’s Buddhists honor has been adapted. In Of Gang (candle on the raft), candles float all the resentment, anger and defilements non-partisan behavior, so that you can admire a good foot to start living again, you can also sign. This is their nails and hair; reduce their raft to let a bad sign. Many Thai believe that floating raft will bring good luck, and praise for their work, and the goddess Chanukah, thanks to the water.

Loy Krathong is about what we know?

With the festival’s beauty contest, “Nopphamat competition known as the Queen. According to legend, Nan Nopphamat or NorAm’s, Sukkoth, consort of King Lethal (14 century), and he were a decorated float with the tide. However, this is a new story; it is 19 Discovery of the first part of the century. Nan Nopphamat no evidence of it exists. 1850 – Rather, it is actually a woman’s name; a new hero in the reign of King Ramah III is not the time. His characters are written guidelines for all women who want to become civil servants. In Clanton, Malaysia has ushered in the celebration, especially in Trumpet. From the Ministry of Tourism of Malaysia as a tourist attraction recognized for. Many annual events to see.

Loy Krathong 2012 how to be celebrated?

Due to the old Lana Thai calendar and the calendar, Yi Pang Lana calendar 2 months to the difference between the full moon. Lana style lanterns giant fluorescent jellyfish gracefully floating in the sky like a flock in the air was turned on. THAM and time of flood Section for the facility. Often thin as rice paper, candles or fuel cells as a fabric, letter of intent to khoum. When fuel cells are considered, the hot air, the sky lantern which one of us trapped in a letter of intent is khoum. In addition, there exist Hue khoum their homes, gardens and temples decorated pulse – shaped paper lanterns, take a different form. Candle lanterns hanging on a stick khoum khan khoum thee almost finished hanging lanterns, temples, and its place in the rotation, due to the heat inside the khoum pariah.

The most acute in the former Lana Kingdom in Chiang Mai Yi Pang, Loy Krathong and Yi Pang light buoy at the same time, water, trees / buildings, ancient capital of the hanging wall of light floating in the sky to celebrate the light. The 16th century tradition in some parts of Laos Yi Pang.

Where to stay in Thailand for Loy Krathong 2012?

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