Phuket Carnival 2012, Patong Beach, Phuket is located. From 15-20 December 2012, will be held. Phuket, Thailand, exposure to cultural diversity benefits. Phuket annual marathon, festivals, Buddhist ceremonies, and other fun activities, and social participation in it. Thailand because it is never cold, and the annual Carnival held this year in Phuket is Patong Beach, Phuket ability.

This time is very attractive and popular attractions such as parades, food from local suppliers, the annual Phuket Carnival coming to know better than the previous year of trying. This year, five-day festival, festival, parades, local musicians and performing artists will be two. Event is open to residents and visitors to come out and this year, especially during event.Below Phuket Carnival 2012 you can enjoy spectacular glimpse of an interest, you may see. This is about the size of Singapore, Phuket, Thailand’s largest island. The two bridges connect the island to the mainland, Thailand. , Which is located in the west coast of Thailand, the Andaman Sea? Phuket property arising from tin and rubber, to enjoy the rich history and ability to Island is a major trading route between India and China, in Portugal, France, the Netherlands and the British merchant ship log. From the region’s tourism income.

About Phuket

Phuket is Thailand’s largest island, located in the Andaman Sea, southern Thailand. From the North Island south of the island, mostly mountainous, mountains, and west. In Phuket mountain range south of the Kara Isthmus, the end of the range of 440 kilometers (270 miles) of its structure. Mai Thai SIP copper (twelfth hound), island (1736 feet) above the maximum height of 529 meters.Phuket is about 570 square kilometers (220 square miles) (including the provinces of the other islands), and the total estimated area. Phuket, 536 miles (863 kilometers) south of Bangkok about 543 square kilometers (210 square miles), with the exception of a small area of ??the islet. , Including all 39 other small islands, Phuket Province, about 590 square kilometers (230 square miles), will cover an estimated area. North Island, 30 miles (48 kilometers) wide and 13 miles (21 km), the total length in the South Estimated.

The middle of Patting in Puckett’s most popular tourist areas on the West Coast, extensive and convenient, most likely due to long beach on the beach. The most important thing is Puckett’s nightlife and its cheap shopping is located in Patting, development and acreage. Padding in Thai means “full of banana leaf forest. Other popular beaches located south of Patting. Akron Beach, Kate Beach, Kate Nod Beach, Yuenaihanhai Beach and Rahway at the southern tip of the island, counter-clockwise direction. North Patting Kamala Beach, Suring Beach and Bang Tao Beach. In this area generally less developed than Patting and other groups, individuals, families, relaxed, less crowded than Patting around, and the interests and demands. The south – eastern part of the island, my island, just a short boat ride, with its distance. Some southern island of Phuket, Phi Island in the northwest and southeast from the coral islands of the Simian Islands. Islanders engage in a lively tourist trade, snorkeling and scuba divers to cope.

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Phuket and Thailand to a whole lot of fun, community activities, as well as monthly, usually at least two or enjoy. It is no wonder, tourists and residents to vote for their favorite activities in Phuket Carnival. This event is open to free music, dancing, shopping, games and other popular tourist attractions with the charge, and, it is no wonder why many people are celebrating this wonderful event every year.

This date is selected as the holiday. All the pomp. A growing community, Phuket, Thailand is still the best in management and maintenance of a bus stop. However, Thailand, Phuket, such as the Carnival festival is held in other communities. Thailand for you to enjoy all the fun!

The very abundance of the day will be celebrated. Phuket Carnival 2012 of this day is observed to be better. All people waiting for the day.