Hong Kong is truly the best place which has some of the best dishes to offer. You can have the pleasure of eating at the Michelin star restaurants or experience eating at the local tea houses known as Cha Chaan Teng. The food served here gives the visitors a very warm feeling. The favorites like congee, noodles and many rice dishes are offered here. Apart from these there are also many Chinese BBQ and dim sum hotspots here.

Given below are the dishes which are a must eat while you are in Hong Kong.

1. Dim Sum:

These are one the best traditional dishes of Hong Kong. They comprise of tiny, very small deep fried and steamed snacks which come to you in a trolley at a five star restaurant or you can get them in bamboo containers with lids elsewhere.

Dim sum is very largely available in the popular Chinese restaurants. They are mostly served with a huge quantity of tea or with main dishes like fried rice, noodles or vegetables. The literal meaning of Dim sum is “touching one’s heart”. It is served mostly for lunch and sometimes for breakfast in many of the local teahouses and restaurants.

Dim sum includes a variety of steamed, fried and baked dumplings, buns, pastries and many types of vegetables, seafood, different meats, etc. You cannot actually decide your favorite here; deciding your favorite might need a lot of visits. In case you have never ever tried eating Dim sum before you should know that you are in for an amazing experience. And if you know how to use chopsticks and you can distinguish between Har Gau and the Siu Mai then you must prepare yourself for an amazing experience of Dim sum which the chefs of Hong Kong will put you through; the taste of Dim sum is something which you cannot even imagine.

The best dishes of Dim sum include the following:

  • Har Gau
  • Siu Mai
  • Pai Gwat
  • Ngau Yuk Mai
  • Cha Siu Bau
  • Chun Guen

2. Seafood:

If you are in Hong Kong then trying seafood is an important thing to do. The Chinese chefs are known for their art of preparing seafood and the giant water tanks of live fish and the bubbling containers of prawns and crabs grab your attention quite a lot in the many big Chinese restaurants so you must really try eating seafood for once.

There are basically four seafood locations for waterfront dining. These include Sai Kung, Lei Yue Mun, the islands of Lamma and the Cheung Chau.

3. Tea Culture:

A cup of hot steaming, soothing tea is the best thing to compliment the scrumptious dim sum and many other of the delicious dishes. There are many different styles of tea here; these include the Chinese, the English or the Hong Kong style. The unique smells of these teas will help you sooth your nerves and take a look at the lifestyle of Hong Kong and let you relax.

There is a ritual which is attached to tea drinking. It is said that when you see some people sitting at a table silently tapping the table with their fingers this means that they are showing their gratitude to the person who has refilled their cup of tea.

4. Chinese BBQ:

Some of the popular shops of Hong Kong are the ones where meat, pork etc. are hung invitingly on the front door or window. These Sui Mei shops are one of the most famous of Hong Kong shops. The decoration of these shops is not that good but these are the best shops where you can find wholesome filling snacks. One of the dishes which is an all-time favorite is the Chinese BBQ pork which is also known as Char Siu. It is loved for its great taste and its awesome smell.

You can also order roasted duck, goose and many other kinds of meats to go with pork and rice. Other popular char siu dishes are the roast suckling pig, the crispy roast pork and the platter of assorted barbecue meats.

5. Local Delicacies:

Hong Kong’s colorful history is greatly linked to the four main staple dishes. These dishes include the congee, noodles, rice noodles and the plain simple rice. Now these dishes might appear plain and boring on their own but they add a lot of taste to the food made by chefs.

6. Winter Food:

Now there are a variety of dishes which you need to try out in winters. These dishes add warmth to your stay during the cold climate. You can gather around with a cozy group of friends and try the hot steaming dishes filled inside clay pots at any of the local tea shops or other restaurants. These clay pots are usually filled with great chilled, steamed meat or spicy things like this. These winter dishes include the following:

  • Hotpot Hudding
  • Rich and Flavorful Grilled delicacies
  • Clay pot aromas
  • Heart-warming, Body nourishing Delights

7. Food Story:

You can learn a lot about Hong Kong’s culture through its cuisine. There a few dishes which have a great story behind them and you must try them out. These include the following:

  • Lou Pho Piang or wife cake: The story behind this cake is that there was a teahouse in China which used to make a lot of cakes and pastries. Once the chef made cake for his wife and when she tasted the cake and the dim sum she said that the ones at my mother’s place are much better than these. Then the wife made cake and pastries her way and the chef tasted them and they were irresistible and then he made pastries and cakes the same way his wife did with. Everyone liked those cakes a lot and the chef said these are made by my wife.
  • Sachima: this means a little horse. These are based on the legends of Sachima.
  • Egg tarts.
  • Shaomal which is made of pork and mushroom.

8. Desserts:

People of Hong Kong simply love to eat and there are many dishes. There are many desserts which are very popular in Hong Kong; these include the sweet soups, which are a must try.

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