The Ningxia Hui region of China has its capital at Yinchuan which is situated in the central of North China. The town of Yinchuan is always regarded as being the place of fresh air and has a population of less than a million occupants. There are 25 ethnic groups and among them are Manchu, Mongolian, Han, Hui and Koreans and so on and so forth.

The city dates back to more than 1400 years ago and since it is considered historical, there are several tourist who come visiting. In addition, there are several historical sites which include mosques, pavilions, pagodas, imperial tombs and temples. The natural scenes such as the Helan Mountains and sand lake resort are all places worth to pay a visit.

Yinchuan international Yellow River Culture festival is a celebration which is usually held from the month of October to the month of November annually. It is during this event that tourists get the opportunity to view and appreciate the scenario of the western china region, the Muslim culture as well as watching the Yellow river which stretches for over hundred miles. Folk cultural events and activities are also held and these are activities such as ethnic dancing and singing performances, acrobats and folk arts together with other performances.

The Yinchuan International Yellow River Cultural Festival always last for ten days. Another name for this festivity is the China International Yellow River Cultural Festival and with the great river in view, this will give you an unforgettable experience and give you the admiration of folk art. Chinese painting as well as Muslim food exhibition do enrich the content of the event and bring economical benefits to Yinchuan.

The yellow River Arts Centre always provides an ample meeting place for both international and local audiences together with the communities of arts for the participation in the exhibition, production, research and discussion of the culture of China at large and also to ignite the cultural region of the Ningxia Hui region. The yellow river arts centre will include:

  • Sculpture Grounds- the group will hereby features a very challenging exhibition of the newly commissioned sculptures.
  • Yinchuan Art Museum- this is a unique museum which has a dual emphasize on both contemporary and historical art.
  • Art history park- this is just a wide extension of the historical presentation of sculptures in China. These sculptures really help for the purpose of the advancement of knowledge and cover a total of 2000 years of complete art history.
  • Artists’ village- this is a simple residence programmed for the curators, artists together with the art institutions.
  • International culture and art exhibition program- this program is generally regarded to promote the cultural exchange as well as the discussions which range from the most latest innovative developments in contemporary art.
  • Cultural industry program- this is a simple publishing and research program which devises and implements new models for the purpose of promoting creative industries together with their economic potential and the social impact.

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