The Yiwu international forest Product fair is an event that was instituted in the year 2008. It has already been held successfully on several occasions since the year that it was started. In the year 2009, the event was upgraded and was then supposed to be held and hosted by the China State Forestry Administration in collaboration with the Zhejiang Provincial people’s Government.

The Yiwu International product fair is a low carbon, green and environmental friendly fair. The event is very famous all over the world as a result of its international level recognition as well as the strong valuable information that one can acquire from the event itself. It is through this event that other several forest exhibitions in Asia came from. It is in the same year that the event was upgraded when it was also crowned as one of the top 10 most promising exhibition. In addition to this, it was listed as one of the 10 forestry industry as well as being named as one of the 10 rural news in Zhejiang.

The event is held at the Yiwu international Expo center and is usually held as from November 1st to November 4th. This event also provides a ground for a competition on china most creative forest product with the main idea of promoting research and development of the brand new forest products. This will on the other hand promote the transformation as well as upgrading the entire forest industry. The first of this kind of competition which was flagged with the theme of fashionable lifestyle and creative forestry industry was organized by the Yiwu innovation park.

There are two categories for this event namely the product design category and the finished product group. The main idea behind these categories is to collect and reward all the presentations that were present and the best of all presentation is meant to be exhibited in the following year preceding event.

In order for one to get entry in this event, he or she has to submit commodities ranging from crafts, household products, floriculture, tourist goods and forest food. The products are supposed to embraces the cultural essence as well as the local features which show some signs of innovative ideas. The commodities are supposed to be submitted before October 15th. During the event, the people of China are also given more information about the importance of Forestry and how to conserve the environment to ensure life sustenance. The forestry products are marketed and promotions are held to increase the demand of the products.

The culture of the people of china is to be observed as well as showing their local features showing some innovation in it. The tourist goods are then marketed to other countries and through this kind of business is how China markets its culture to other foreign countries. It also gives a good image of how conservative the country of China is through the use of its forestry products. The event has taught a lot of valid and important information to the community of China at large.

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